Pre-Conference Keynote Speaker

Aliza Claire Bible

Monday, 7/29/19 Keynote Speaker Aliza Claire Bible (Self Advocate) is an active advocate in the Disability Rights movement. Claire is passionate about empowering people with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities to live their most extraordinary lives. Claire lives a most extraordinary life herself. She is an adventurer, dreamer, writer of novels and poetry. Claire is a lover of the creative arts, but particularly appreciates Broadway. She has empowered herself to pursue higher education which led to a 10 year journey that began at Lesley College in Boston and ultimately brought her back home to Wisconsin, where she attended Edgewood College and Madison College. Claire has a teaching certificate in early childhood education, as well as a certificate of completion in disability studies and creative arts. Claire currently lives and works in Madison as an early childhood teacher in a program that enriches young children through the creative arts. She also works as an active disability advocate in her community. Claire’s keynote address will inspire participants to broaden their expectations and plans for students with Intellectual Disabilities.