Pre-Conference Forums for July 23, 2018 (12:30-4:00 pm)

9:00-10:00 Registration & Refreshments

10:00-11:30 Opening Pre-Conference General Session
WELCOME: Dr. Kim Beloin
KEYNOTE: “Boldly Transforming Schools/Districts that Include Students with Significant Disabilities”
PRESENTERS: Eric Smith & Co-Presenters, Audra & Alex Smith (Stoughton, WI)
DESCRIPTION: Presenters will inspire participants to maximize learning for all students by facilitating an inclusionary school or district model. By transforming your school to be more inclusive for all students, career readiness skills will be enhanced and learning will become more meaningful. This presentation will provide details regarding how this model positively impacts students with disabilities, as well as the greater school community.
HANDOUTS:  Keynote Monday Handout  (supplemental)

11:30-12:30 Lunch – Provided

12:30-2:00 Forums – Group #1 (Forum of Your Choice)

AA. TOPIC: “Supporting Transition for Preschool to Age 18-21: Services Delivered with the End Game in Mind”
PRESENTER: Dr. Nancy Farnon-Molfenter (DPI Consultant; Madison)
DESCRIPTION: Preparing students and families for what comes after high school is a process that evolves from early childhood and includes ongoing consideration of inclusive practices, high expectations, and professional partnerships that foster student success during and beyond the school years. During this forum, participants will hear from a student and family member about the action steps school staff took to foster positive outcomes along their journey through transition. This presentation includes an overview of state and federal requirements (CCR IEP, ACP, IEP/PTP, and WIOA) are connected to best practices that lead to meaningful engagement of students in their schools, workplaces, and communities.
HANDOUTS: Forum AA required

BB. TOPIC: “The Integrated Experience for Students with Significant Needs”
PRESENTER: Katie Berg (Madison)
DESCRIPTION: Participants will deepen their understanding of how the educator’s behavior impacts each students’ learning. Participants will walk away with techniques to change their own practice for supporting student behavior by utilizing proactive supports and environmental design.
HANDOUTS: Forum-BB-supplemental

CC. TOPIC: “Accommodations and Modifications for Struggling Students: Panel Discussion”
PANELISTS: Rosemary Gardner, Holly Smith (Walworth County) & Molly Vierck (Mount Horeb, WI)
DESCRIPTION: In this forum, Special Educators from around the state will share their experiences and ideas on providing various accommodations and modifications for struggling students with significant support needs.

2:00-2:30 Break – Refreshments Provided 

2:30-4:00 Forums – Group #2 (Forum of Your Choice)

DD. TOPIC: Making Universal Design for Learning a Functional Verb
PRESENTERS: Sara Vold (Assistive Technology Specialist; Janesville) & Melanie Baumunk (Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments; Janesville)
DESCRIPTION: In this forum, presenters will share how they not only use data to determine what current skills students have, but how to address their deficits and move forward, regardless of their needs. Templates and novel examples will be shared as well as tools used.
HANDOUTS:  Forum-DD-1-recommendedForum-DD-2-recommendedForum DD-3-recommended

EE. TOPIC: “Supporting Regulation Through Visuals Workshop”
PRESENTER: Katie Berg (Madison)
DESCRIPTION: Participants will see and interact with a variety of different visual supports addressing the regulation needs of students with atypical communication modes. Participants will walk away with a strategy in hand to implement back in their educational setting.
HANDOUTS: Forum-EE-supplemental

FF. TOPIC: “Unveiling the Science Essential Elements, Baseline Checklists”
PRESENTERS: Dave Bergerson (Wisconsin Rapids), Barb McComb (Walworth County) & Iris Jacobson (Madison)
DESCRIPTION: Get a first look at the Science Essential Elements and alternate achievement level descriptors baseline checklists. See how the baseline checklists are directly aligned with the Wisconsin Science Standards and include instructional activities and resources. David Bergerson, along with others, will share the background in developing the checklists and how they can assist in making decisions for Science instruction for students with the most significant intellectual disabilities. This forum will also cover a brief update on DLM Instructional Resources.
HANDOUTS: Handouts will be provided. Resources: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4