Keynote Speakers

attendees in large conference room
Michael McSheehan
Mike Anderson

Michael McSheehan and Mike Anderson

Tuesday, 7/26/22 Keynote Speakers: Michael McSheehan, a special education expert and Mike Anderson, a general education expert, have been consulting together in elementary and secondary schools as well as training and coaching general education teachers to provide inclusive academic instruction. In their keynote, “Investing in General Educators: Designing Quality Instruction to Engage All Learners,” they will share their positive approach to assist general educators as a way of expanding inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities. Their approach centers on designing quality instruction to engage ALL learners by focusing on effective methods for teaching students with disabilities.  They will highlight REAL classroom and student examples from across the K-12 grades that are both inspirational and practical.  In their follow-up forum, “Designing Quality Instruction to Engage All Learners: Methods & Examples,” Mike and Michael unpack several methods and examples of inclusive academic instruction: 1) build social emotional learning and choice in academic lessons; 2) differentiate learning with embedded specially designed instruction; and 3) increase student engagement through learner-centered language and safe, shame free environments. Additionally, examples will show the impact of lesson design on student behavior – and how common-sense approaches create intrinsic motivation for students.  More information can be found on their website:


Anthony Geinopolis

Wednesday, 7/27/22 Institute Keynote Speaker: Anthony Geinopolis is a 25-year-old self-advocate who has had a passion for aviation since he was a young boy. He also loves many types of sports, including baseball and hockey, traveling around the world with his family, and accessing all that his community has to offer! He currently works for a large aviation service provider as a Ramp Agent at Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. He has been employed at this job for three years. In his Keynote, “Autism to Aviation,” Anthony, and his father Mark, will share Anthony’s journey of growing-up with a disability and transitioning into adult life with a job that fits Anthony’s interest, skills and knowledge in the field of aviation. Anthony will share information about the college courses he took in aviation as well as his other interests including sports, movies and pets. Anthony lives in southeastern WI with his parents.