Tuesday, 7/24/18 Keynote Speaker: TOM ILAND (Author, Speaker and Self-Advocate) was diagnosed with autism at age 13. Tom has worked hard to achieve his goals: Learning to drive, living on his own, graduating from college, obtaining full-time employment and having a girlfriend. Tom recently left his career as a certified public accountant (CPA) to educate, inspire and motivate people affected by autism and other learning differences. As one of only 4,000 Distinguished Toastmasters in the world, his mantra “Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Be Yourself.” has been featured in his keynote speeches and is among the topics in his Amazon #1 Bestseller book, “Come to Life! Your Guide to Self-Discovery.” In his Keynote presentation, Tom will share his secrets to success in accomplishing his personal and professional goals and tell us how these secrets can help others become their best selves. Tom’s follow-up forum presentation will focus on how to teach youth to appropriately and safely respond when interacting with law enforcement officers. Tom currently lives in Santa Clarita, CA with his dog, Bridget.

Wednesday, 7/25/18 Keynote Speaker: DR. HEATHER JOHNSON (Parent, Disability Advocate, Psychologist & Author) is a former elementary school educator and therapist who left her career in 1997 to parent, educate, and advocate for her three children adopted from Russia — all with multiple, invisible, special needs stemming from prenatal exposure to alcohol & prolonged institutionalization. In her Keynote presentation, “The Invisible: Supporting Kids with Needs We Can’t See”, Heather will share her 20-year journey raising three kids with learning disabilities, borderline cognitive disabilities, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder & multiple physical challenges. She has a knack for bringing her stories to life in a way that informs, challenges, and inspires. She blogs about her life, along with her stunning nature photography at www.truelifewithgod.com.