Keynote Speakers

attendees in large conference room
Paula Kluth with red shirt

Dr. Paula Kluth

Tuesday, 7/25/23 Keynote Speakers: Dr. PAULA KLUTH is a consultant, author, advocate, independent scholar, and former K-12 special educator who works with teachers and families to provide inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities and to create more responsive and engaging schooling experiences for all learners. Most recently, Paula’s work has centered on helping teachers and administrators educate all students in their schools and classrooms. This keynote, “Universal Design Daily” centers on the role of “teaching up” and presuming both competence and complexity. She will explore the need to focus on student strengths, passions, and interests. Paula will also talk about the need to design lessons that are responsive and dynamic. This presentation will provide both points of reflection, practical strategies and will feature ideas to help all teachers better respond to the diversity that exists in their classrooms every single day. Paula’s follow-up forum, “UDL Hacks: Ideas for K-12+ Classrooms,” is for any educator who wants ideas for integrating the principles of UDL into daily lessons and learning spaces immediately. Some of these high-impact ideas take no time at all and others require only minutes to implement. More information on Paula can be found on her website:

Sydney Badeau with red shirt and smile
Julie Burish with red shirt
Ashly Mathy with red suit jacket
Marion Holmberg with glasses

Sydney Badeau, Ashly Mathy, Julie Burish, and Marion Holmberg

Wednesday, 7/26/23 Institute Keynote Speakers: SYDNEY BADEAU, ASHLY MATHY, JULIE BURISH, and MARION HOLMBERG will provide their lived experiences and insights on Inclusive education and community Inclusion. Sydney and Ashley are young adult self-advocates & community activists who are Wisconsin leaders in self-determination and disability advocacy. Likewise, Julie Burish and Marion Holmberg are both Wisconsin parents of children who have a disability and many abilities. Julie & Marion have been advocating & collaborating with local and state-wide stakeholders for equitable public education and inclusive community practices for their children & others. This Keynote, “Cross out the Dis and Embrace the Ability” will feature a panel presentation in which these four panelists will share their personal experiences with Inclusive Education, Community Inclusion, Advocacy & Activism.