July 29 to 31, 2019

26th Annual State-wide Institute
on Best Practices in Inclusive Education

The 2019 Institute has ended. We’ll see you in 2020! 

professional headshot of jennifer sommerness with chin length red hair

Jennifer Sommerness

Tuesday Keynote

Jennifer is the Executive Director of Inclusive Schools at Kids Included Together (KIT). She has been a nationally-known inclusive education consultant, working with teachers, families and administrators to collectively find engaging and respectful ways for all learners to access general education environments and curriculum, regardless of ability. As an independent consultant, she helped create and strengthen school-based teams to continuously improve their practice through meaningful professional development, attention to instructional leadership, and a tacit understanding of systems change. 

upper body photo of jessie benash with long dark hair wearing a cream colored shirt standing in front of a stone building

Jessie Benash

Wednesday Keynote

Jessie is a Licensed clinical social worker and child therapist who served on the Executive Board of YES! (Youth Emotional Stability). She co-wrote and received a grant for the first annual suicide awareness prevention event in Rock County. Jessie has been involved in Wisconsin’s Trauma-Informed Care movement for over 10 years and is involved with the WI School Mental health Initiative. In her Keynote, “Limb, Laugh, Love,” Jessie will describe her early life as an outgoing 15 year old cheerleader who got in a motorcycle accident that left her with a disability.